Did you know that traveling at supersonic speed (around 1200 km/h), it would take you over 7.5 million years just to reach Sirius, our nearest star in the northern hemisphere? Flying for 27 million years would get you to the center of our Milky Way galaxy. And that’s just the beginning. In these space-time conditions, I arrived on this planet 1971.
I could tell you about my successes, who I have collaborated with, and what I have done and achieved. I could tell you about awards and recognition. But also about failures, deception, and exclusion. About my privilege of being born in Switzerland. About my joy, my enthusiasm, but also about my anger. Ultimately, everything would be one-sided and meaningless.

What I am searching for is more intriguing, and more beautiful. What are we doing here? Here on this tiny sphere amidst the vast cosmos. Are we here just to lose everything in the end? To ultimately end up in tears without exception? Yes, everything ends in tears. Success? Whom should I succeed? So, there has been and is only one thing on this outer mission on Spaceship Earth: beauty. Everything that reminds me that there is a state, a consciousness that escapes this purpose-oriented world, that transcends itself, is beauty. That’s where it draws me. That’s where I reside. I am a dreamer, a romantic, a utopian. I like to work, I like to practice, and the state of concentration makes me happy. In the end, I can only hope that you find elements of this beauty in my work.

Beauty encompasses everything for me. It grows from love, selflessness, and devotion. It demands sensitivity, curiosity, interest, education, knowledge, practice, and skill, both in attempting to create it and in the ability to recognize it. Beauty exists independently of taste; it can be tumultuous, dark, and frightening or transcendent, light, and appears sometimes just as a shimmer. Beauty challenges and can be difficult to bear because it is in harmony with the universe and constantly shows me my separation. It seeks to embrace and transcend boundaries. Beauty strives for clarity and provokes through clarity. It is complex elegance. It never settles for standards or adaptation. It cannot be bought, nor is it dependent on money. Beauty constantly asks questions and opposes profit-oriented methods. It is timeless and healthy. Beauty is a teacher, a master.


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