Terms of Use for Purchased Sheet Music

1)The purchased sheet music is exclusively intended for private use. Up to ten photocopies are permitted for use with multiple musicians. Any further duplication, publication, or sale, whether in printed or digital form, is prohibited. Also, displaying the sheet music on YouTube, Instagram, or other social media platforms is prohibited.

2)Any alterations or additions to the music beyond transpositions, tempo changes, or orchestration/instrumentation are not permitted.

3)The buyer may use the purchased sheet music for personal purposes, including playing with a band or studying composition.

4)The buyer may use the purchased sheet music at schools or for public performances such as concerts or other presentations (including private websites, YouTube,
nstagram, and all other social media platforms), provided that prior written permission from the author is obtained and an individual licensing agreement is reached. Requests specifying the type of event, number of performances, capacity of the concert hall, ticket prices, and other relevant information must be directed to the author for approval.

5)The author reserves the right to negotiate individual licensing terms, including possible fees or other conditions, for schools, concerts, or other public performances.

6)By purchasing and downloading the sheet music, the buyer agrees to comply with these terms of use.

7)All rights to the purchased sheet music, including copyright and all related rights, remain with the author. The purchase grants the buyer only the right to personal use in accordance with these terms of use.

For questions or inquiries regarding the use of this sheet music at schools, concerts, or other public performances, please contact sheetmusic@don.li
Part 1–100 by Don Li, www.don.li

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